About us

We look forward to servicing your power transmission needs in the future, with both technical assistance and high-quality products.

Our founder have been making transmission parts for about 30 years, most of our engineers and workers have at least 10 years of experience in the fields of sprockets & pulley, so we can supply with most favorable prices and suggest most suitable choice on design process while we get the drawings from you.

Hot Products

Shanghai Oris industrial Co.,Ltd. is specializing in producing transmission parts, including sprockets, V-pulley, taper lock bush, gear, gear rack, chain, chain coupling and machining parts.


  • Customization

    We provide both OEM for distributors and resellers as well as ODM for companies requiring standard and nonstandard transmission parts

  • Delivery time

    within 30 days for standard products.

  • Customer benefit

    Depending on the order quantity each month, we reward our best customers with distributor opportunity with local market protection

  • Quality assurance

    our products undergo severe quality tests and guarantee all safety requirements (100% reach quality test).

  • Promise

    Service is handled quickly and effectively by our team both in Europe and in China.

  • Trust

    Our company is in the transmission parts industry for more than 10 years and we have earned the trust of many partners in Europe, USA and Asia